Risk Management

The EA Clubs’ Risk Management Plan “Safe Equestrian”, developed by Gow-Gates in conjunction with EA and the State Branches, now provides a uniform approach and resources to assist the Equestrian Community in assessing and managing the risks associated with the management of equestrian clubs.

The objective of ‘Safe Equestrian’ is to provide a pro-active approach in ‘Raising the Awareness’ of these risks and to provide a practical framework for your club to minimise or manage these exposures.

The plan is based on the general principles behind a club’s ‘duty of care’ responsibilities to the equestrian community and the general public such as;

  • provide a safe place for recreation/Equestrian;
  • provide a safe system of rules;
  • provide safe and adequate equipment;
  • provide the participant with competent fellow participants, and
  • provide adequate instructions and supervision for Equestrian

It is further recommended that a designated ‘Responsible and/or Risk Management Officer’ is appointed, within your Club’s organisational structure, to ensure this information is made available to all Club Directors, Staff, Participants and Volunteers. The material has been specifically tailored for ‘Amateur Equestrian Clubs’ and has been primarily based on many years experience in these areas, around the World.

Safe Equestrian Induction Programme

The Safe Equestrian plan incorporates an online tutorial that has been developed and provided as an Induction Programme for Equestrian clubs. The aim of this Induction Programme is to quickly and easily provide practical and valuable knowledge to all participants as a guide on how to assess and manage potential hazards and areas of risk that may be an exposure for serious injuries in and around your club.

This tutorial is designed to highlight the importance of being ‘aware’ at all times that potential dangers exist and that by having a ‘pro-active’ approach and culture throughout your club will assist in the prevention of the exposures that Equestrian clubs face.

It is strongly recommended that this resource is highlighted, as often as possible, and made available to all past and present club Directors, staff, participants and volunteers.

On completion of this tutorial, a ‘Certificate of Accreditation’ will be provided immediately for persons who participate in the short tutorial.

Please click on the link below to participate in the Safe Equestrian Induction Programme.