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Certificate of Currency

Your club will often be required to provide a Certificate of Currency in order to provide evidence of your Public Liability Insurance. This will usually be required by a Council when you hire your grounds but could also be requested by other parties such as a local hardware store or shopping centre if you are looking to promote the club on their premises.

Certificates of Currency will be able to be downloaded from this website shortly. In the mean time, if you require a certificate of currency, please complete the below fields and Gow-Gates will provide this to you shortly.

In order to request a Certificate of Currency, please complete the below fields. We will then email you a Certificate of Currency.

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Football Risk Management

Have you downloaded our Risk Management App?

The app is available to Affiliated Clubs within the FFA National Insurance programme.

This app includes risk management resources that clubs can complete and store without the burden of having to make paperwork available for ground managers or storing completed documents. The app provides a guide to some of the areas where risks are present that can then be identified and actions proposed to mitigate the impacts of potential incidents or injuries.