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Club Induction Questionnaire

This short tutorial is to be used as a guide on how to assess and manage potential hazards and areas of risk that may be an exposure for serious injuries and property damage in and around your club.

This tutorial is designed to highlight the importance of being ‘aware’ at all times that potential dangers exist and that by having a ‘pro-active’ approach and culture throughout your club will assist in the prevention of the exposures that Football clubs face.

It is strongly recommended that this resource is highlighted, as often as possible, and made available to all past and present club Directors, staff, participants and volunteers.

On completion of this tutorial, a ‘Certificate of Accreditation’ will be provided immediately for persons who participate in the short tutorial.

In the proper running of a football club, what is more important?

Winning premierships
Safety of players and spectators

What should representatives of both clubs complete and present to the ground manager prior to the commencement of play?

Score card
Match Day Inspection sheet
Fans' autograph books

First Aid equipment should be kept

within an immediate and ready access and proximity to the playing area
in the president's car boot
safely at all times under lock and key

Moveable goals need

simply to fit standard dimensions
to be painted yellow
to comply with standards laid out by FIFA, FFA and Member Federations

A club's risk management officer

must have a legal background and be prepared to represent the club in any case brought against his club
must be prepared to co-ordinate all information relating to safety and medical issues on behalf of his club
must not be a registered playing member of his club

A Safe Football Club is one

that has won the previous year's premiership
that has the least number of injuries
that is aware of risks and is pro-active in dealing with risk

If a broken bottle is discovered on a playing surface prior to a game

All glass and splinters must be removed and the surface checked again for any fragments before proceeding
The area must be marked with witches hats and the game proceeds
sawdust must be used to cover the area

A hazard is anything

that has a potential to cause injury or illness
that may cause a trip or fall
that will cause death

RSA as associated with Risk Management stands for

Road Safety Association
Republic of South Africa
Responsible Service of Alcohol

Which statement is strongest

It is impossible to contract HIV/AIDS through contact sport
The HIV/Aids virus may be transmitted by sweat to another player
Although possible, the prospect of passing the HIV/Aids virus from a possible carrier can be as low as 1 in a million through good risk management in this area

Football Risk Management

Have you downloaded our Risk Management App?

The app is available to Affiliated Clubs within the FFA National Insurance programme.

This app includes risk management resources that clubs can complete and store without the burden of having to make paperwork available for ground managers or storing completed documents. The app provides a guide to some of the areas where risks are present that can then be identified and actions proposed to mitigate the impacts of potential incidents or injuries.