“Insured Persons” doesn’t mention Spectators. Are we covered if a spectator is injured?

Spectators are not listed as an insured person on the programme. As such, a spectator who is injured cannot make a claim on the Personal Accident policy. Clubs are noted as Insureds on the policy. Therefore if a spectator was injured and decided to seek damages from the club alleging the club’s negligence, then the Public Liability policy would respond. Important, the Public Liability Policy states that you must not admit Liability without the Insurers consent thus any claim made by a spectator must be referred to the Insurer as soon as possible for their instructions.

Why can’t I claim my Doctors bills on this policy?

Unfortunately the Health Insurance Act 1973 does not allow a policy of this type to cover expenses for which any Medicare rebate is made.

126 Prohibition of certain medical insurance
(1) A person shall not make a contract of insurance with another person that contains a provision purporting to make the firstmentioned person liable to make a payment in the event of the incurring by the other person of a liability to pay medical expenses in respect of the rendering in Australia of a professional service for which Medicare benefit is, or but for subsection 18(4) would be, payable.

Medical expenses for which there is no benefit payable by Medicare are still claimable. These include Ambulance, Physio, Private Hospital Accommodation and Dental amongst others.

I earn more than $500 per week. How can I get covered for my full weekly salary?

Gow Gates and the Pony Club States recognise that the Pony Club insurance Scheme benefits are not designed to be comprehensive for all members of the equestrian community. It is strongly recommended that you consider the benefits in line with your current circumstances.

Additional Insurance is available for the Capital, Non-Medicare Medical and Loss of Income benefits.

Gow-Gates Financial Services can also provide advice on an Income Protection policy, which can provide cover for injuries that occur participating in equestrian activities and in your day to day life.

For further information, please contact our office.

I work part time, am I entitled to Loss of Wage cover?

Under the Personal Accident Injury policy, you can claim for Loss of Wages if you work part time, provided you can demonstrate consistent earnings over the 12 months prior to the injury.

Our local council has asked to be included as an Insured party under our Liability insurance, can this be done?

Although the Council cannot be noted as a named Insured on the Policy they are automatically indemnified as Landowners under the policy. It can be arranged to note the interest of the Council as property owners on Certificates of Currency to provide cover for their vicarious liability for your use of their grounds, if they wish. Please follow the instructions of your State Branch regarding Certificates of Currency which can be found on the “Certificates of Currency” tab on this website.

Do riders need to be registered with a PCAV, PCASA or PCAT affiliated club to be covered for injury?

Yes. Only financial members, coaches and club voluntary workers (whilst engaged in Pony Club or affiliated club organised activities), are covered under the Personal Accident policies.

Does my Pony Club Liability insurance cover me for my income earning activities as I run an agistment property?

No. The Pony Club insurance provides Public Liability cover for your non-income earning activities only. This programme does not extend to cover any income earning activities that you may be engaged in, such as agistment, breaking/training horses, leasing out floats, etc. Gow-Gates are able to arrange an additional insurance policy tailored to these individual needs, please contact the office for more information.