Risk Management Documentation

Gow-Gates and the Pony Club State Branches have developed documentation tailored to Pony Clubs that aims to assist in providing a safe environment for all participants. We encourage you to download and use all this documentation to promote a safe environment at your club.

Equestrian Event Risk Management Guidelines

pdficon_small Equestrian Event Risk Management Guidelines
This form provides a general summary of the risks involved in running an event.  It is for educational purposes only and gives people a good idea of how to identify, measure and control risks.

Event Day Inspection

pdficon_small Event Day Checklist
This event day inspection is a risk management tool that should be completed at the start of each day, at each venue. It is designed with amateur sports volunteers in mind, to assist with identifying risks present on the day and the steps involved to prevent injuries to participants and others at the venue, which may result in Public Liability claims. This inspection does not identify all risks, therefore you are advised to you use your own experience and initiative to identify additional risks that may be present.

Incident Report Form

pdficon_small Incident Report Form 
pdficon_small PCAV Incident Report Form (Victoria)
This form has been designed to flag to your insurers any serious injuries that occur during an organised activity. Early notification of these incidents is essential and this form is designed to assist your club in collecting the relevant incident information. This form is NOT a Pony Club Personal Accident claim form and does not initiate a claim. Please see the Personal Accident section for further information on this cover and to lodge a Personal Accident claim.

Warning Notice

pdficon_small WARNING NOTICE
This poster has been designed to highlight the presence of risk associated with the participation of Horse Riding and Equestrian activities. The poster can be used at events to remind people that they are participating at their own risk.  This does not replace a waiver.

Hot Weather Guidelines

This is the PCA Hot Weather Guidelines and must be adhered to in line with PCA rules and regulations.