Additional Insurance Products Available to Pony Club Members

As a valued member of the Pony Club community you are entitled to receive various discounts on the suite of Gow-Gates’ Equestrian Related Insurance products. Our staff will provide you with personal service along with guidance and explanations of what insurances are available to you. We are “horse people” as well as “insurance people” and will be able to explain insurance to you in terms you understand and can relate to.

Some of the items we can offer you are:

  • HORSE INSURANCE, which can include: Mortality & Theft (including Transits)
  • Economic Slaughter and Permanent Loss of Use
  • Veterinary Fees
  • Life-Saving Surgical Fees
  • Stallion Total Permanent Disability
  • Property Loss or Damage
  • Float Insurance

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Liability policies are amongst the most common and most important policies that anyone in the horse industry should consider. Whether your operation is a Riding School or Agistment Centre, or you provide a specialised equine service, Gow-Gates can offer insurance solutions to protect you and your business against the financial risk of being found liable for death or injury to a third party, or loss or damage of third party property.

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Is essential cover for Agistment and Stud businesses, and anyone who is responsible for other people’s horses. This cover provides protection against legal liability incurred as a result of injury or death, or financial loss, in respect of a horse in your care. It also covers the legal expenses in defending such law suits.

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Gow-Gates have put together a Farm Pack policy which is specific to Equestrian Properties. The policy incorporates all of the usual items available under a general Farm pack but has been tailored to include market leading cover for items particularly important to horse owners, such as arenas, stables, horse trucks and saddlery and tack. This package, arranged in conjunction with Gow-Gates’ specific Equestrian Liability Policy provides you with tailored cover.

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