The ARU Insurance Plan website is provided so that Players/Parents & Club Administrators throughout Australia may have immediate access to the policy benefits and procedures of the insurance plan.

ARU, Gow-Gates and SLE remain committed to providing the Rugby community with a first class Sports Insurance Programme whilst maintaining the affordability of registration.

Whilst the plan provides basic levels of cover for players and others participating in Rugby, it is not all encompassing (this is necessary to keep the cost of insurance affordable for players) and does not seek to replace the need for private health and other insurances.

ARU encourages all players and officials to take out their own private health insurance, life insurance and income protection coverage over and above the coverage provided under this plan. Gow-Gates can assist in regard to ‘Top Up’ insurance and other insurance requirements.

All the best for a safe and enjoyable season!

The Gow-Gates Sports Insurance team

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Rugby Risk Management

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Affiliated Clubs and Associations within the ARU Insurance Plan now have access to the Gow-Gates Sport iPhone app.

This app includes risk management resources that clubs can complete and store without the burden of having to make paperwork available for ground managers or storing completed documents.