What is Covered?

ARU Insurance Plan

The ARU Insurance Plan actually consists of four coverage areas:

  • Sports Personal Injury (Including the ARU Funded Deducible*)
  • Sports Public and Products Liability policy
  • Sports Professional Indemnity policy
  • Club Management Liability policy  for clubs

Details of the above policies can be found under each of the tabs above.  The below information details who is covered under the plan and for what activities they are covered.

*Important note: Please click here for information regarding the ARU Funded Deductible


Who is Covered?

The plan defines the Insured as:

  • Australian Rugby Union Limited and its members and affiliate members, including member clubs and associations of the various State members.

In addition the plan extends to provide coverage to the following Insured Persons:

  • Players
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Managers
  • Administrators
  • Voluntary workers
  • Selectors
  • Referees
  • Touch judges
  • Ball boys
  • Medical officers
  • Physiotherapists
  • Ambulance officers
  • Directors
  • Employees
  • Executive officers
  • Office bearers
  • Members
  • Committees

Therefore, cover is provided to all the above members of the Rugby community under the ARU Insurance Plan

The ARU Insurance Plan excludes Golden Oldies and School Rugby unless specifically extended.

When are you covered?

Cover is provided under the Sports Personal Injury section to the above insured persons whilst:

a. Playing in official matches.
b. Engaged in organised training
c. Travelling directly to, from or between official matches or training and your home or work.
d. Staying away from your home district for the purpose of participating in representative or club matches
e. Engaged in administrative or organised social activities for your club or Union.

Under the Public & Products Policy section coverage is provided:

“For liabilities arising out of the Insured’s Sporting Activities”.

“Sporting Activities” means the activities of a club, association, or other insured entity playing or administering Rugby.

It includes all official activities connected with the sport including club social and fund raising activities.

It does not include the activities of a Licensed Club.  “Licensed Club” means a commercial premises with a liquor license, used by members and guests. A clubhouse or sports pavilion with a liquor license will not be deemed a Licensed Club.

Further, the policy also covers liability arising from leasing or hiring out of premises owned or tennanted by the club to other parties. However certain practices must be followed:

  • You must ensure that premises are well maintained and checked prior to hiring out
  • there must be a written lease agreement between you and the hirer which requires the hirer to be responsible for personal injury or property damage caused during the lease unless such injury or damage is as a result of your negligence
  • the hirer must hold a Public Liability policy for a minimum of $10,000,000 per occurrence and must submit a Certificate of Currency to you.
  • Following completion of the lease/hire you must complete a routine check that the premises are safe and ensure that any nescessary risk management initiatives are undertaken prior to the re-letting of the premises.


In Summary, in order to lodge a claim under the ARU National Insurance Plan you must be an Insured Person engaged in an Insured Sporting Activity to be able to lodge a claim.

Examples of Insured Persons engaged in Insured Sporting Activities under the Sports Personal Accident policy include:

A registered player injured in an official match

A coach injured at an official training session

A Parent injured whilst working in the canteen

The parent would be considered a Co-Opted Volunteer and they would be considered to be engaged in an administrative activity of the club.

A Spectator injured whilst watching the match

Spectators are not “insured persons” and can not claim under the Sports Personal Injury policy. The Club is protected under the Public Liability Policy in the event that it could be found to be legally liable for personal injury sustained to a spectator or third party.

Rugby Risk Management

Have you downloaded our Risk Management App?

Affiliated Clubs and Associations within the ARU Insurance Plan now have access to the Gow-Gates Sport iPhone app.

This app includes risk management resources that clubs can complete and store without the burden of having to make paperwork available for ground managers or storing completed documents.