Claims Procedure

How to make a claim?

Please follow steps below on how to make a claim under the Personal Accident policy. If you wish to make a claim or notify an incident for Public & Products Liability or Professional Indemnity, please contact Gow-Gates immediately.

1. Use the claim form below.

2. It is important to lodge your claim 30 days from the date you sustained the injury. The claim form should be completed by you and forwarded to the Gow-Gates claims manager along with medical certificates deeming you unfit to carry out your training duties.

Claims Department
Gow Gates Insurance Brokers
GPO Box 4731

The claim form will be acknowledged within 7 days by Gow Gates

The following documentation will/may be required by QBE in addition to the claim form.

  • Doctors Certificates confirming the period of incapacitation
  • Proof of Earnings documentation
  • Any other documentation requested.

3. Electronic payment will be made by QBE directly to you within seven days of receiving all the required information and after your claim has been approved.

4. If you require an update on the status of your claim, or have any inquiries, please contact the Gow-Gates office.

5. Who can I talk to about an issue or complaint?

Due to current regulations, if you have a complaint, you should contact QBE directly. QBE will resolve or attempt to resolve the complaint immediately and, if it is unresolved, QBE will refer it to its internal dispute resolution committee (IDRC).

If you are not satisfied with IDRC’s decision, you can access the services of an independent external dispute resolution body, the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

For further information about the dispute resolution process, please contact QBE Insurance on (02) 8275 9192 or fax (02) 8275 9650 or Gow-Gates on (02) 8267 9999 or

Don’t wait for the above documentation before submitting your claim form to Gow Gates as this delays the claims process.


Personal Accident Claim Form

Should you become aware of an incident that results in Property Damage (including damage to Horses) or Personal Injury please contact Gow-Gates Sports team to discuss.  Do not admit liability and contact us as soon as practical for early intervention and assistance.

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