I earn a part time wage outside of training horses, do these earnings count as part of my pre injury earnings?

They do yes, on receipt of a claim all your earnings are taken into consideration in working out your pre injury earnings. If you cannot undertake this part time work whilst not being able to train, then these earnings would be added to work out your pre injury earnings.

I am able to claim Workers Compensation as my injury was on course and Racing NSW have accepted my claim. Can I also claim from the NSWTA Personal Accident policy?

A claim can be made after 13 weeks after which the Workers Compensation payments will reduce significantly.

Am I covered for injuries whilst I am playing social sport?

No, cover under this policy applies whilst you are engaged in your duties of your occupation as a horse trainer including direct travel between normal residence and normal place of work.

Am I covered whilst training inter-state or overseas?

Yes, the policy covers you Australia wide and overseas. The automatic inclusion of overseas cover is limited to 7 days maximum cover any one trip. Should your overseas work and training activities exceed 7 days, contact Gow-Gates to arrange additional cover including Travel Insurance requirements.